This book recounts a story of triumph and tragedy of the Covid-19 virus. The heroine of this book is Clara C. Blackmon. She is dubbed the "Little Miracle" by hospital staff as she overcomes fifteen day on a ventilator, twenty-nine days in ICU and a total of seventy-nine days in three different hospitals. Her profile makes the battle of the deadly virus so heroic. This African American woman,71, with a pre-existing condition, working in a senior living facility in the hot spot of Michigan created the perfect storm.
Isolated in Canada, bound by border crossing, her only child Bobby makes life and death decisions with her doctors. He keeps a journal of her daily condition and multiple brushes with death.
Read the uncensored stories of the health care workers and clergy who share their experiences of how they struggled to perform their duties while offering hope of survival.
Witness their dedication to this mother and son throughout this ordeal. Twelve-hour shifts and lack of sleep do not intercept their one and only goal, saving this patient's life.
This is a story of remarkable courage, faith and dedication from health care professionals and one tough lady.

Signed Copy Canada - By Robert and Clara