Courage Behind The Mask recounts the story of the triumph and tragedy of Covid-19. The "Little Miracle" of this story is Clara Blackmon. She checks all of the boxes that make make the battle of the deadly virus so amazing. She is African American, 71, with a pre-existing condition who works in a senior living facility in the hot spot of Michigan in March of 2020. Her situation is the perfect storm for disaster.


Isolated in Canada, bound by border crossing, her only child "Bobby" makes life and death decisions with her doctors in the efforts to keep her alive. Bobby keeps a journal of her daily condition and multiple brushes with death.


Behind the scenes, eyewitness the healthcare workers as they keep tabs on and emotionally look after Bobby through this ordeal. Twelve-hour shifts, little sleep and health risk do not stop these doctors and nurses from aiding patient and family through this turmoil. Humanity, faith and courage relay a powerful message of hope for all who read this.

COURAGE BEHIND THE MASK: A Story of Life, Death and Surviving Covid-19