Black Excellence in Social Technology

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Getting Started, Branding Yourself, Branding your products/services, Building Systems that Work for your life

Grow your audience/engagement, Monetize your platform, Live Strategies/Selling, PR and Verification

Taking care of your mental health and avoiding burnout, What’s coming up in Social media (up and coming opportunities)

Managing your mental health as a content creator


Regardless of your social media goals, it has never been more important to efficiently and authentically connect with your audience.


Five notable Black social media content creators have joined forces to bring you this groundbreaking webinar. Learn from the comfort of your own home or office from industry leaders who know what it takes to be successful without massive starting budgets and marketing teams.


The first of its kind, this revolutionary webinar provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to not only build a successful social platform, but also how to be the B.E.S.T.

B.E.S.T is for you if:

  • You use social media to promote your business

  • You want to become a content creator

  • You want to grow your audience online

B.E.S.T. Webinar

B.E.S.T. Webinar

Meet the Experts

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